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Shake! takes on #StatesOfViolence

Shake! takes on #StatesOfViolence

This is a guest post by poet  and Shake! facilitator Zena Edwards. You can find more information about the next Shake! intensive course (16-20 February 2015) and how to apply here, and find Zena on Twitter: @ZenaEdwards Shake Youth Arts and Activism project has a new intensive course brewing. From Monday 16th February, we shall be...
#Shake2015: #StatesOfViolence - Applications open

#Shake2015: #StatesOfViolence – Applications open

16-25? Angry about the injustice you see around you? Come shake tings up with performance poets, film-makers, musicians & activists on a free 5 day course to creatively express frustrations & concerns about the world you live in.
Egyptian gas, Mubarak's corruption and Israeli power - Aljazeera documentary about Platform research

Egyptian gas, Mubarak’s corruption and Israeli power – Aljazeera documentary about Platform research

Mubarak and Israeli businessmen made enormous profits at the expense of the Egyptian people, by exporting underpriced gas. Platform’s research into corrupt gas exports from Egypt to Jordan, Spain and the Israelis led to this Al-Jazeera documentary. Over $10 billion were lost, as blackouts became increasingly normal. Now that Egypt can no longer export gas,...
سياسات النفط والصراع علي كوباني

سياسات النفط والصراع علي كوباني

كان يفترض أن تسقط كوباني. فعند هجوم داعش علي البلدة، حاصرتها القوات التركية من الشمال، مانعة عنها أي تعزيزات ومعتقلة مئات النازحين. وقد قصفت الطائرات الأمريكية قوات داعش في أماكن أخري، لتقودهم نحو روج آفا: المنطقة الكردية الكبيرة في شمالي سوريا والتي تحكمها ذاتيا الحركة من أجل مجتمع ديمقراطي (تيف-ديم،) والتي يرأسها سياسا حزب الاتحاد...
A manifesto for Energy beyond Neoliberalism

A manifesto for Energy beyond Neoliberalism

We’ve written a manifesto titled Energy beyond Neoliberalism: “This is a call for energy democracy. Not energy security or energy separation. A survivable and just energy future means breaking the grip of elite interests on our energy systems, ending dependency, increasing autonomy, building diverse power structures through which we can hold one another to account,...
Decolonising Energy: An excerpt from 'Energy beyond Neoliberalism'

Decolonising Energy: An excerpt from ‘Energy beyond Neoliberalism’

Back in Spring, the Kilburn Manifesto team asked whether we’d like to submit a chapter on energy to their project. Edited by Soundings founding editors Stuart Hall, Doreen Massey, and Mike Rustin, After Neoliberalism seeks to open up space to debate alternatives to current dominant neoliberal systems. Most of our campaigning on oil focuses on...
Pumping Revenue into Israel's coffers: the Israeli-Jordan Gas Deal

Pumping Revenue into Israel’s coffers: the Israeli-Jordan Gas Deal

Our new report reveals just how much money Jordanian electricity users will be contributing to Israeli budgets – if the proposed gas import deal goes ahead. In September 2014, the Jordanian National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) signed an agreement with Noble Energy to import large quantities of gas from Israeli-controlled East Mediterranean waters. The proposed...
Shell's climate marketing tricks

Shell’s climate marketing tricks

Have you seen all these new Shell ads? Billboards on high streets and tube stations celebrate Shell as a champion of climate action and “keeping-the-lights-on”. When she’s your age What’s the way to keep the lights on into 2050? Burn the rest of the world’s fossil fuels, of course. And look, she’s even got a...
Offshore: Iran, BP, Algeria & Boris Island

Offshore: Iran, BP, Algeria & Boris Island

“No you can’t get through down there. They’ve got a full set of anti-terrorist police. Machine guns and all. They’ll jump out at you if you go beyond that fence. Mind you, it helps keep the crime down in the village”. The tall man with white hair straggling out from under his black hat and...