Counting the Cost, Platform’s new report on Shell Nigeria, is now available in print! Please buy your copy here[1]. The report looks and feels incredible, thanks to our amazing designers at Ultimate Holding Company[2].


Buying a copy[4] of the report enables Platform to do more campaigning for human rights and corporate accountability in Nigeria. Your support is already having a real impact:

  • In the last 10 days, over 13,900 of you signed a petition demanding that Shell is held accountable for its human rights abuses in Nigeria.
  • Following the public outrage and media generated by the report, on Wednesday 5 October, the House of Representatives, part of Nigeria’s legislative body ordered an official investigation[5] into the allegations that Shell fuelled violence in the Niger Delta by paying armed militant gangs.

The campaign is long and hard, but your ongoing support is vital. Please take a moment to support the campaign by getting yourself a copy (or two!)[6] of the new report. Thank you in advance, and extra thanks go to our friends at New Internationalist[7] for hosting the report in their inspiring shop!

PS. If you can’t afford to buy a copy now, the report is also available in pdf[8].

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