Cover of JOAAP #8


One of the co-editors of the groundbreaking Journal of  Aesthetics & Protest is passing through town, and we're hosting him for an evening that will include a lecture/presentation and  production/performance (group-research) elements.

When – Thursday 15th March, 18.30 – 20.30

Where – The Platform office[2], 7, Horselydown Lane, Tower Bridge, SE1 2LN

The co-editor of the the Journal of  Aesthetics & Protest will discuss "the ecosystem that may create widespread cultural and political change within contemporary society.
This complex and self-antagonizing system includes autonomous action, DIY production, the spectacle and self-criticality."

The talk will be based on research and writing from the contributors to our
new Journal of Aesthetics & Protest #8[3].

The evening is free, but it would great if you can let us know that you are coming by sending an email to [email protected]  If more people want to come than we have space for, we might relocate somewhere larger.


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