As both candidates claim to have won Egypt's Presidential elections, the military launches a "quiet coup", imposes martial law and awards itself legislative powers. Meanwhile, popular and grassroots struggles for social and environmental justice continue in Egypt.

Tonight on Resonance FM[1], tune in to hear Platform's monthly radio show featuring Mel Evans & Mika Minio-Paluello[2] back from Cairo. In between Egyptian revolutionary hip-hop, jazz and heavy metal, they will explore the current state of Egyptian social movements, military repression, the role of organied football fans in the revolution and community struggles against a BP gas plant in Idku[3] and a Canadian fertiliser factor in Damietta[4].

Even as Egyptians attempt to take back control over their lives, their economy and their natural resources, we are seeing the EU, Western oil companies, World Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction & Development trying to force privatisation down Egypt's throat[5], shape the country's energy future and entrench further outside control. Just this last week, the World Bank and European Investment Bank financed a controversial refinery expansion[6] inside Cairo which is leading to evictions and increased pollution.

Join us on Resonance 104.4 FM tonight (Thursday) 8pm.

Songs featured in tonight's show include Egyptian artists Wael Eskander



& Ali Talibab:

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