Next month marks 25 years since the murder of Ken Saro-Wiwa and the Ogoni 9. Across Nigeria and the wider environmental justice movement, the legacy and story of the lives lost in the defense of the land and communities could not be more poignant.

Now more than ever we are witnessing how police brutality and state violence continues to oppress youth and communities; this violence creates such deep separation and also calls on us to unite to envision movements and ways of being that will carry us all into the future.

In collaboration with MOSOP (Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People), Shake![1] And Virtual Migrants[2], we are really excited to announce that Platform[3] will be hosting an online arts event on November 14th Dance the Guns to Silence III: Healing Separation, Mobilising Desire[4]. The event is being curated to commemorate 25 years since the murder of Nigerian activists the Ogoni 9 in their fight against Big Oil corporations, and to bring us closer to present-day fights against extractivism around the world.

It will be taking place from 7pm-10pm UK time on Zoom Webinar,[5] with english subtitles and live translation in French and Spanish, featuring:

*Panel discussions

*Short film screenings

*Artistic presentations

*Poetry and singing for justice

*Collective meditation/ Healing practice

*and much more!

We would love to see you there. You can invite friends & sign up to the facebook event here,[6] get your eventbrite ticket here[7] & check in on our socials[8] for updates on the line up!

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