Platform’s values are reflected in the way we work. We don’t believe in hierarchies and we place equal value on the work of all our staff members, regardless of their role.

For 15 years Platform has used a Social Justice Waging System for salaried staff. Under this pioneering policy, staff get paid the same core salary rate which is adjusted according to a range of factors, including how many dependents or how much inherited wealth you have, should these situations arise. This policy is one part of a continual process of addressing issues of equality, power and privilege within the organisation and wider society.


Platform has a voluntary Management Group who oversee specific areas of the organisation. We encourage new staff members to join after their first six months and aim to regularly rotate responsibilities.

Platform has a Board of Trustees who advise and support the management group and the whole organisation and hold quarterly meetings.


Staff (permanent and fixed-term): Adam Ma’anit, Anna Markova, Emma Hughes, Gabby Jeliazkov, Harpreet Kaur, Jane Trowell, James Marriott, Kennedy Walker, Mark Roberts, Mika Minio-Paluello, Rob Noyes, Rowan Mataram, Sarah Legge, Sakina Sheikh, Sarah Shoraka.

Board of Trustees: Kate Towner, Nusrat Faizullah, Ella Ravilious.

Freelance collaborators: Platform also often works with external collaborators with specialist skills, including long-term allies Farzana Khan and Sai Murray, co-founders of our youth programme on race and power ‘Voices that Shake!’.


Our policies have been written and agreed through consensus, often based on good practice models in the charitable sector, or on practices from social movements concerned with power and privilege.


Platform is committed to reducing the impact of its activities on the environment and seeks to use sustainable and low-carbon products, services and modes of transportation where possible.