• Permis social : Complicité à l’ère de l’extraction

    This article was first published in Le Journal des Alternatives. by Kevin Smith and Clayton Thomas Mueller À première vue, il ne semble pas y avoir un lien manifeste entre les activistes indigènes au Canada, la performance des artistes au Royaume-Uni et les activistes environnementaux dans ces deux pays. Cependant, la controverse internationale au sujet…

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  • C Words: Disgust, Integrity, Solidarity

    The text below is from a blog written in February 2010. It reflects on reactions to PLATFORM’s 50-day live exhibition and season of over 70 events on art and activism at Arnolfini, Bristol, called “C Words: Carbon, Climate, Capital, Culture”. This took place in October and November 2009, in the context of the run-up to…

    1 Apr 2010 jane
  • Remember Saro-Wiwa, in ‘Land, Art – A Cultural Ecology Handbook’

    In Land, Art, A Cultural Ecology Handbook, Ed. Max Andrews, RSA, Arts Council England, 2006 The Nigerian writer and activist Ken Saro-Wiwa was executed together with eight Ogoni colleagues by the Nigerian military on 10th November 1995 for his effective campaigning against the consistent despoilation of the oil-rich lands of the Niger Delta by oil…

    12 Dec 2006 jane
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  • The End of the Empire of Gog & Magog

    Presentation at `Desire Lines` conference on Arts & Ecology, Dartington College, Totnes, Devon. Saturday 10th September 2005. James Marriott. THE END OF THE EMPIRE OF GOG & MAGOG (Slide showing on screen at start : Robin Territories at Dartington 1935 – 1945) First of may I say thank you to Alan (Bolden), Lara (Riley) and…

    10 Sep 2005 james
  • “The Body Politic”: reflections on a pilot course

    Chapter for New Practices/New Pedagogies, emerging contexts, practices and pedagogies in art in Europe and North America, Ed. Malcolm Miles, Swets and Zeitlinger (ND) “It’s serious – it’s art, it’s politics, it’s economics, it’s everything, and art in that instance becomes so meaningful.” Ken Saro Wiwa 1 Since 1983, artist-led London-based group PLATFORM has been working…

    1 Apr 2005 jane
  • Remember Saro-Wiwa: Short Film – Refining Memory

    ‘Reflective, compassionate and creatively invigorating’ Time Out, Critic’s Choice. As part of the Living Memorial project, we commissioned a short film from artist filmmakers Judy Price and Andrew Conio to serve as an ‘exhibition’ of the five short listed proposals for the Living Memorial. The film is called Refining Memory. Refining Memory was premiered at the Museum…

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  • Art, Education, Activism

    Presented at "Artist as Educator", Ikon Gallery and University of Central England, May 2003 as part of Arts Council England's "Interrupt" Symposia. Republished: a-n Collections April 2007. “The process of social change is in desperate need of creativity and imagination, and the aesthetic process in urgent need of social engagement” (from Course Document for the MA…

    1 May 2003 jane
  • The Snowflake in Hell and the Baked Alaska: Improbability, Intimacy and Change in the Public Realm

    In Locality, Regeneration and Divers[c]ities, Eds Sarah Bennett and John Butler, Intellect Books, University of Plymouth In 1993, on the very outskirts of Budapest, Hungary,  the ‘Statue Park Museum’ opened. It was born out of the idea of a literary historian who, four years earlier, had proposed that “all the various Lenin statues from all over…

    1 Dec 2000 jane