Bodo v Shell court documents

18 Jun 2012 admin

Here are the documents filed for the claimants in the landmark lawsuit Bodo v Shell. The case has its first hearing at the High Court in London today. Shell has admitted liability for two major oil spills in Bodo town, Rivers State, Nigeria in 2008 and 2009. Over three years on, Shell has failed to clean up the devastating pollution and refused to pay adequate compensation to the many thousands of local people affected. The claimants are suing for compensation and seek to compel Shell to clean the heavily contaminated land and water.

As soon as further documents become available we will add them to the list.

Particulars of Claim (PDF): The Bodo Community and The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Ltd

Annex 1: Sattelite Image of Bodo Community Lands

Annex 2: 15.01.2009 Ministry of Environment to SPDC

Annex 2: 11.02.2009 Ministry of Environment to SPDC

Annex 3: NOSDRA 09.06.2009

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