Cameron slammed for more North Sea oil support & subsidies

Press Release 24 Feb 2014 admin

Thames_valley_flood_subsidies_memeMonday 24th February, 2014

Responding to Cameron’s announcement of pledges to maximise the North Sea Oil & Gas industry, Platform energy campaigner Kevin Smith said:

Despite the UK pledging to phase out fossil fuel subsidies in 2012 along with other G20 nations, Cameron is announcing a whole new package of political support to the North Sea oil and gas industry on top of last year’s slew of excessive tax breaks.

This astounding degree of government subsidies for fossil fuel extraction is artificially propping up a dangerous and out-dated energy model when we urgently need to transition to a low carbon society. Britain’s renewable energy resources are woefully under-developed compared to countries like Germany and Spain. Yet the government is offering scant support to clean energy while oil and gas walk away with tax breaks and political subsidies worth billions.

If Scotland were to secede from the UK, its long term interests would be far better met by a thriving renewables energy sector to see it sustainably and profitably into the future, rather than over-dependence on the last dregs of a dirty, dated fuel source.

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