Artists to take over Tate Modern during Paris climate talks for 3-day unauthorised festival

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Unauthorised festival to take over Tate Modern spaces during next weekend of climate talks

Contact: Mika Minio-Paluello / +44 7733466038

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This weekend, Platform London is curating an unauthorised arts festival inside Tate Modern.[1] Deadline Festival @Tate marks the need for global deadlines to come off fossil fuels as the COP21 climate talks take place in Paris, and the setting of a deadline for Tate. The gallery’s current sponsorship deal with BP runs out in one year’s time.

Festival curator Mika Minio-Paluello said: “As the climate talks take place in Paris, oil giants like BP are ramping up their PR strategy to paint themselves as part of the solution to climate crisis. BP’s cultural sponsorship is crucial to this strategy. By taking space in the BP-sponsored Tate for a conversation on art, climate, empire and oil, we are doing what a public gallery should be doing anyway – facilitating the conversation towards a culture beyond oil.”

Festival highlights include

Tate’s controversial sponsorship deal with BP runs from 2012-2016. A recent three-year freedom of information court battle forced Tate to reveal that historically BP’s sponsorship fees amounted to £150,000-£330,000 a year – under 0.5% of Tate’s annual budget.[2]

In September, over 300 artists and cultural organisations including London’s Royal Court Theatre signed a commitment to reject fossil fuel funding.[3]  In November, the Science Museum confirmed that Shell is being dropped as sponsor of its climate change exhibition.[4]

Tate director Nicholas Serota has publicly confirmed that Tate Trustees will be reconsidering BP sponsorship during 2016.

Anna Galkina of Platform added “We’re posing a mainstream cultural challenge to oil sponsorship of our arts. As politicians gather in Paris to discuss planetary deadlines for coming off fossil fuels, and London debates its own role, Tate risks being left behind.”


Contact: Festival Curator Mika Minio-Paluello [email protected] / +44 7733466038

[1] Deadline Festival @Tate is being curated by London-based arts & research organisation Platform, and organised by the Deadline Festival committee and Art not Oil coalition.

[3] See


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