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Platform’s work involves taking risks that many others won’t. Sending staff to Egypt as the revolution was unfolding, challenging structural issues like colonialism and race oppression, and proposing visions of energy democracy.

By joining our base of Platform Sustainers, you can help us take the risks to build a better world.

Everybody who makes a regular monthly donation will also receive our latest books, reports and postcards, and we’ll invite you to our poetry showcases and book launches.

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Leave a legacy 

Platform is doing such brilliant and inspiring work that I wanted to support them, but I work part-time and don’t have much money to spare each month. Then I realised I could leave Platform money in my will. Few organisation’s are close to my heart, Platform is one of them, and I wanted to leave some of what I will have earnt over my lifetime to support their future work. Money that I am sure will be stretched, shared and used to maximum effect. I hope that my love of, work and commitment to social and environmental justice, will live on and endure through their continuing work.” Platform Supporter

One lasting way that people can support Platform is by considering us when you make or change your will.

By leaving a gift in your will you can provide vital support to our work that extends beyond your lifetime. We realise that making a will can be very personal. If you’d like to discuss or talk it over, please email us at [email protected][1] and we can arrange a time to talk. Thank you.