Egyptian Oil Ministry protestors break through police barricade

26 Oct 2011 admin
Telecoms Egypt workers protest in October

Yesterday hundreds of protesting petroleum ministry workers broke through police barricades, pushing towards the Egyptian Cabinet’s offices in downtown Cairo. Large workers’ protests take place every day, demanding contracts and a minimum wage of 1200 Egyptian pounds a month. Al Ahram English reported that on Tuesday

Hundreds of employees at the Ministry of Petroleum penetrated the steal barricades set up by Central Security Forces (CSF) at the entrance to the People’s Assembly Street, repositioning their protest to the Cabinet’s offices on Tuesday.

The protesters are calling on Prime Minister Essam Sharaf to enable them to get permanent contracts as per previous promises.

Some of the demonstrators have been working for over five years without fixed contracts.

The protest has seen some clashes between the Ministry of Interior’s security personnel and demonstrators. No injuries have yet been reported.

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