Full Circle – C Words commisioned poem by Simon Murray

9 Dec 2009 jane

Two poets from African Writers Abroad were commssioned to respond to the C Words season. To craft the poem below, Simon Murray (Sai MuRai) borrows the title of Dorothea Smartt’s poetry workshop “Full Circle” and draws upon some of the many words, phrases and themes that arose throughout the C Words season. The poem was performed live at the closing Party and Benefit for the Canadian Indigenous Tar Sands Campaigners on the 28th November.

*warning* contains language that some may find offensive


(for Jane Trowell, Dorothea Smartt & the C Words Family)

proposition I

enough words!

let us move forwards,
but let us look backwards
fly like Sankofa,
this world is for turning

full circle
back to nature,
back to origins,
back to Mama Afrika,
back to Mother Earth (Asase Yaa)

to the womb-an
wombanise our world
re-capture, reclaim our world
re-capture, reclaim our words

proposition II

reclaim the c word
reclaim the cunt from the cokkks
vagina monologue,
vagina dialogue,
vagina plurilogue.

ken, kenne, können – be able, can
– deep sense of profound knowledge
where knowledge resides
ja, ihr könnt – yes, you can
ja, ja, ja – yes, yes, yes!
ja, ja, jah, rastafari
i an i

one love
one peoples
one consciousness
connection, full circle
ya ken?

proposition III

know yourself
know the ledge
test the edges
embrace taboos

reclaim the cunt from the cokkks
never mind the bollocks
be literal about clitoral
cunning linguists

clit on tip of tongue
labia on lips
the source, origin, full circle.

ken, kenne, können,
knowledge, power, womb-an,
language is power
knowledge is power
words sound power
c words, hear words,
reclaim words
reclaim power

vagina plurilogue:
embrace taboo
utter: “cunt”

proposition IV

come full circle
come together
cunt. cock.
ying yang

c-words, g-spots, a-spots
multiple positions
in multiple ways
in multitudes
of options

we are the ones we have been waiting for
trust in the power of the population
never in optimum population trusts
power to the people
man. womb-an. child.
holistic trinity,
power to produce

proposition V

let the Iron Lady rust
seed bomb the car-cass
kill TINA, embrace TABOO,
there are billions of options:

open up air-conditioned capsules,
open doors, open windows,
open up art and activism
open borders,
open minds.

fly like Sankofa,
unclip cormorant wings
connect carbon generations
practice art and dissent at home
put the fun between our legs
walk in the woods, slow–ly
aim to change the world

auction away artefacts
sue governments
experiment against enclosure
close the banks
reclaim the commons
build social centres
smash the centre
desk-killing minds.

climb ladders unsupervised,
say “shit” in speakers corner,
take a shit in the gallery,
breastfeed babies,
drink water,
drink tea
eat forbidden fruit
touch the exhibits
touch. taste. take. create, re-create, participate.
write back at the madness that surrounds us,
break down the Palace walls.

proposition VI

kill TINA, embrace TABOO, there are billions of options:

create cross-cultural, cross-continental connection,
connection without commodification
critique creative economy
controversial conversation

circus, carnival, converge,
commons, communality,

cabbage, cauliflower, carrot,
celery, cumin, coriander,
cous cous, curry,
cup o’tea.

comrades, citizens, co-operatives,
come together to create
community — co-mutiny

critical mass of convivial consensus,
cultivating confidence in creative capacity
crafting contraptions against climate chaos.

campaigning, critiquing, constructing, considering,
cooking, clowning, climate-camping,
challenging, confronting, cycling,
co-operating, collaborating,

realize, re-member, re-connect
come full circle.
come together
come as we are
radical in our natural beauty.



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