I see pirates…

24 Sep 2009 jane

It’s my first morning in Bristol, living on a canal barge near Bristol Bridge. I go out into the sun on my bike to find some bits and pieces, and within 5 minutes see my first pirate of the day, in Castle Park, in full regalia, with cutlass. Every time I’ve been here i see pirates – last time a horde of them on a walking tour. Bristol is happily obsessed with its piratical and disobedient past, yet not so convinced about a piratical and disobedient present.

The Evening Post’s front page today jutxaposed the hysteria around Peter Andre’s concert – “IDOL” screamed the headline! – with the invasion of Bristol Co-Mutineers of various high street banks – “IDLE” screamed the headline… Check it out – these guys had a very busy week, backed up with months of planning, creativity, action and re-envisioning.

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