Remember Saro-Wiwa works with a broad range of allied or partner organisations. If your organisation would like to work in partnership or support us in this way, please contact us.

Remember Saro-Wiwa Links

»Justice In Nigeria Now -based in San Francisco, JINN holds multinational oil companies to account for the human rights and environmental impacts of their operations in Nigeria.

» ShellGuilty coalition – a campaign against Shell’s ongoing gas flaring and human rights abuses in Nigeria.

» African Books CollectiveGo here for books by Ken Saro-Wiwa

» Art Not Oil

» Capacity Global

» The Ken Saro-Wiwa Foundation

» London Rising Tide

» National Petroleum Gallery

» Oil Change International

» Prisoners of Conscience

» The Schumacher Society UK

» Shackled Voices

» The Carbon Web

» Plan B

» Environmental Rights Action

» Petropolitics

» Sustainable Energy and Economy Network

» War Profiteers

» Petropulse

» OilWatch

» Rising Tide

» JumpStart Ford

» Freedom from Oil

» The Corporation

» The CornerHouse

» CORE Coalition

» Shell Facts

» Refinery Reform Campaign

» Shell To Sea Campaign (Campaign against Shell’s proposed Corrib gas project in Ireland)

» Students Against Total