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BP or not BP? That is the question…

by Lindsey Harrod, Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy - Feb 10, 2015

Bigger pictures on arts issues: workers at the National Gallery and BP’s sponsorship of Tate

Letter on disclosure of Tate/BP sponsorship figures from Graham Bennett, Friends of Alexandra Palace Theatre.   - Jan 27, 2015

Tate reveals BP sponsorship figures

News  – - Jan 27, 2015

Does Tate really need to take BP’s sponsorship money?

Mark Brown, arts correspondent, The Guardian - Jan 27, 2015

Tate/BP disclosure on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Front Row’

Interview by Samira Ahmed with Anna Galkina (Platform) and BBC arts editor Will Gompertz,  formerly of Tate Media - Jan 26, 2015

Tate’s BP sponsorship was £150,000 to £330,000 a year, figures show

Mark Brown, arts correspondence, The Guardian - Jan 26, 2015

Deadline day for Tate to disclose value of BP sponsorship

Mark Brown and Terry Macalister, The Guardian - Jan 25, 2015

Niger delta communities to sue Shell in London for oil spill compensation

John Vidal The Guardian - Jan 7, 2015

Tate ordered to reveal BP sponsorship details in case by environment activists

Mark Brown, Arts Correspondent, The Guardian - Dec 23, 2014

Duke of York to meet Azeri despot Ilham Aliyev for 12th time

Jim Armitage, Independent - Nov 12, 2014

Tate and oil: does the art world need to come clean about sponsorship?

Susanna Rustin, The Guardian - Oct 8, 2014

When Art Meets Activism. As Tate faces the Information Tribunal over BP sponsorship, is there a line between art and ethics?

Interview with Kevin Smith (Platform) and Hannah Davey (Liberate Tate) - Sep 26, 2014