More reviews and analysis of The Oil Road, and paperback release news

10 May 2013 admin

The Oil Road continues to get great feedback from the press, blogs and at events all over the country, and we’re delighted to announce that it will be coming out in paperback in Autumn 2013.

Last month, Radio 4’s Thinking Allowed did a special programme on ‘The Power of Oil’, featuring James Marriott of Platform, Prof. John Urry (Lancaster University and author of Societies Beyond Oil), and  Timothy Mitchell (Columbia University and author of Carbon Democracy). You can listen to the full programme here.

Here’s a round up of some of the other responses the book has had over the last few months:

“A lovingly crafted narrative, a rich tapestry of first-hand anecdote and historical reconstruction.”  Independent (review not online)

“There is a constant stream of books aiming to lift the lid on an oil world of power and petro-dollars, but as with many drilling rigs, the well often turns out to be dry. The best books on this lifeblood of the modern economy, and environmental scourge, have tended to come from insiders such as the Pulitzer prizewinning energy economist Daniel Yergin, and former BP boss John Browne. But these represent the view from behind big office desks….James Marriott and Mika Minio-Paluello, in contrast, know the industry from a decade of campaigning against it. They have taken as their subject BP’s $4bn pipeline running from the Caspian sea to the Mediterranean. They follow its route and tell an unwholesome tale of shadowy deals and displaced communities…Inspirational in the proper sense.” GuardianJames and Mika also did a list for the Guardian of their top 10 books about oil, which you can read here.

“The Oil Road is driven by the irrational desire to accumulate wealth for the sake of wealth. A more rational society would shut it down and replace it with cleaner energy. James Marriot and Mika Minio-Paluello’s book is a very useful tool in understanding the sickness of our system and the need for us all to find an alternative.” – Resolute Reader

Other reviews not online include ones in the New Internationalist (below) and Peace News

The paperback of The Oil Road will be published by Verso Books in Autumn 2013, and will be available to preorder from the Platform site.

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