11 Aug 2023 Annie Brooker

Offshore is an independent documentary that brings together varying perspectives on working in offshore oil and gas and renewable energy – and explores what the coming energy transition means for workers and communities around the UK North Sea.

The film looks at how communities and regions have been impacted by past industrial decline, the risks workers face in an increasingly precarious industry and how they can organise for the future. 

In 2023, we organised 40 community screenings of Offshore across the UK – from the Houses of Parliament to community cafes in Inverness.

“The overall reaction was anger at the oil companies greed and lack of foresight.  One person said “We’ve known oil is running out for the past 30 years, when I worked there,  so why didn’t they start then? – this is not new news its the greedy oil companies wringing every drop out of the workers before hanging them out to dry – its like the fish industry” 

Zoe, Bridgend Cafe, Edinburgh

The climate crisis means we must rethink our energy systems: where we get energy from, how it’s produced and who benefits from it. Workforces and communities all over the UK will be impacted by the energy transition and have the potential to benefit from more publicly owned, local and renewable energy.

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