Sticky future of Arctic oil – talk at Visionary Arctic seminar

8 Feb 2013 admin

Nearly one and a half years ago, we went on an incredible journey to Kirkenes in the North of Norway, on the invitation of Pikene på Broen (Women on the Bridge), organisers of the annual regional Barents Spektakel arts festival. For the 2013 festival Pikene invited us to speak at their Visionary Arctic seminar, amongst a number of artists, scientists and officials imagining the region’s future. We took part by video link and talked corner-cutting and technological mishaps by Shell, the long-term end-game of fossil fuels, and how the arts take part in shaping this future:

With thanks to Charlie Kronick for discussion and facts, and to Carey Restino at Alaska Dispatch for this very personal article on Shell’s mishaps in Alaska.

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