Tate à Tate – Resonance FM Radio Show

22 Mar 2012 admin

Activism and audio art forms the core of this episode of Clear Spot first broadcast on March 22nd 2012. Controversy surrounding BP’s relationship with Tate appears to be reaching a new peak. This evening, three site-specific sound works have been released, all of which have been designed to be listened to inside Tate Modern, Tate Britain and on the Tate Boat. All of the works address the thorny issue of oil money and the arts. Join Mel Evans and Kevin Smith of Platform, as they talk to three of the sound artists, Phil England, Isa Suarez and Ansuman Biswas, about the development of the project and the relevance of art-activism today.

Tate à Tate was commissioned by Liberate Tate, Platform and Art Not Oil.

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