Sustainable Cities

Climate change is often described about as a global complex problem – understandable only through parts per million and technical papers. But at Platform we know that climate change is an everyday issue. It’s about the places we live, the structures and systems that shape those places and how we want the future to be.

Platform’s sustainable cities work puts people at the centre of the solutions to climate change. It brings technological expertise together with knowledge generated from living, breathing and surviving in a place. Climate change is a threat to everyone but it is also our greatest chance of changing society for the better.

By bringing together local communities with energy geeks, public leaders with grassroots movements we can deliver an ambitious climate transformation. By working at the local level we can bypass national inertia and create real change. Strong communities and empowered grassroots groups can push leaders to be courageous and take the action needed. Action which puts workers, carers and communities at the centre.