London Leap


London faces the biggest crises in recent memory. Burning fossil fuels is destroying our climate, deep rooted inequalities divide our city and the voices of the most affected are not being heard.  Social cleansing, filthy air, racial injustice and precarious jobs are making London an increasingly difficult city to live in. London needs a climate transition that is ambitious, rapid and but also has equity at its heart.

The climate transition is an opportunity to change – the urgent need for a radical transformation can push us to rebuild our city for the better. But to do this we must begin with those who are at the climate frontlines: Londoners who live in low quality, cold housing, under flight paths, who can’t access green spaces or who have family abroad threatened by extreme weather events.


Platform is working with Switched on London to build the London Leap – an organising platform that brings together groups to work across climate issues on a London level – taking a broad, intersectional approach and centering people with lived experience who are often excluded from the London climate movement. London Leap will bring together black and brown groups, diaspora organisations, workers, carers and community groups to create a collective story about London’s future. Together we will identify transformative demands and use these to collectively push for real change in our city – first targeting the Mayoral elections and then ensuring promises are implemented.


Switched on London


Switched on London is a campaign ( for a publicly owned energy company that London can be proud of. We want an affordable, democratic and environmentally sustainable alternative to the Big Six. Platform co-founded the campaign at the end of 2015 and has worked as part of the grassroots campaign ever since.


We’re working for an energy company that cuts bills and polluting carbon emissions. A company under public ownership, selling energy for the common good, not for profit. A company with social justice, clean energy and democracy at its core.

Since 2015 we’ve won a commitment from City hall to partner with an existing energy company and now we’re pushing Sadi Khan to move beyond this and create a London owned company. We’ve also seen big wins on public energy in Manchester and Scotland – with commitments there to set up energy companies there.