Artwash_Mel_Evans_cover_finalArtwash: Big Oil and the Arts explores the murky world of oil sponsorship of the arts, focusing on the deep-rooted relationship between our art institutions and the multi-national corporations that fund them. In the wake of massive environmental disasters created by the oil industry, companies such as BP and Shell are using arts sponsorship as a calculated PR exercise to ‘artwash’ their soiled reputations.

Join us for launch events on:

20th April, 7pm, RichMix, LONDON (Launch Party – more details on Facebook)
28th April, 7pm, News From Nowhere, LIVERPOOL (more details on Facebook)
29th April, 6.30pm, Arnolfini Gallery, BRISTOL (more details on Facebook)
2nd May, 7pm, Cornwall Autonomous Zone, PENZANCE (more details on Facebook)
9th May, 5pm, Centre for Contemporary Art, GLASGOW (more details on Facebook)
10th May, 8pm, The Black Box, BELFAST (more details on Facebook)
11th May, 5pm, National College of Art and Design, DUBLIN (more details on Facebook)
25th June, 7pm, Whitworth Gallery, MANCHESTER (more details on Facebook)

This fascinating book delves deeply into art sponsorship, one of the more insidious tools that the fossil fuel industry deploys to maintain its power.

– NAOMI KLEIN, author of This Changes Everything, The Shock Doctrine and No Logo

Mel Evans

Mel Evans

Mel Evans provides a gripping exposé of this practice and raises important questions about artistic censorship and complicity, as art institutions find themselves inextricably associated with Big Oil. Artwash shows how the ties that bind our cultural centres to Big Oil can be broken once and for all.

Joined by local artists and theatre makers, come along to these FREE events to discuss Big Oil and the arts, corporate sponsorship and the ethical questions facing artists and arts organisations.

This page will be updated as new events and guest speakers are confirmed. If you’d like to bring an event to your gallery, university, or bookshop please email [email protected].