FILM:  Creeks Apart – ‘He can read, he can write and he can shoot’ – An interaction with Asari Dokubo[2]
An audio visual installation by Manali Jagtap Nyheim
TALK: on oil conflict in the Niger Delta and the role of art in politics
VENUE – Screening: Massive Little World Gallery, Arch 6, 121 Deptford High Street, London SE8 4NS
Talk: Off the rails cafe, The Deptford Project, 121 Deptford High Street, London SE8 4NS
Panelists for the talk – Ben Amunwa (Platform), Dr Bernadette Buckley (Goldsmiths University),
Miabiya Kuromiema (President, Ijaw Youth Council) and Manali Jagtap Nyheim (Artist)
– Moderated by David Nyheim (INCAS Consulting).
Creeks Apart is a transference sound and visual art piece that brings the creeks of the Niger Delta to Deptford Creek.  Based on footage filmed in 2011 by the artist, the art piece places visitors to Deptford Creek face to face with a life-size projection of Asari Dokubo, the first warlord of the Niger Delta, whose attacks on oil installations sent petrol prices soaring around the world. He speaks about his decision to take up arms, his choice of violence over non-violence, life in the creeks, his childhood, identity and conversion to Islam, and how he led his insurgency before being incarcerated seven floors below the State intelligence headquarters in Abuja.  The location of the projection, the topics it covers, and the impacts of Asari on our lives in the UK fundamentally show how instability in one part of the globe, environmental disasters, human rights violations, poverty and suffering affects us all no matter how geographically distant we may be.
Part of the Deptford X – London’s Contemporary Art Festival, 27 July to 12 August 2012


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