Platform is delighted that next Thursday night, artist Michael McMillan and Peckham Platform gallery are launching Michael’s  new work ‘Doing Nothing is Not an Option‘ which takes the life and campaigning of Nigerian writer Ken Saro-Wiwa as its starting point. The exhibition runs 18th September – 18th November 2015. Platform has been in a productive partnership with Peckham Platform and Michael towards this piece.

Doing Nothing is Not an OptionOpening on Thursday 17th September 6-9pm. All welcome!

In the 20th anniversary year since the executions of Ken and the 8 other Ogoni men by the then Nigerian military government, what lessons and inspirations do we take from this struggle for justice? Shell still has not cleaned up its 50-year toxic legacy of oil pollution in Ogoniland, and the call for action is loud and international, including the United Nations Environment Programme.

Michael’s new work, commissioned by Peckham Platform looks into this ongoing struggle of justice and connects it to life and times of Peckham.

Michael was also inspired by the presence of an extraordinary sculpture – the Battle Bus, by Sokari Douglas Camp, which is the Living Memorial to Ken Saro-Wiwa.

Battle Bus by Sokari Douglas Camp, Peckham Square July 2015

Battle Bus by Sokari Douglas Camp, Peckham Square July 2015

This piece was commissioned by Platform as part of our Nigeria campaign in 2005. Images of the Bus in Peckham Square and the work Michael did with young people and children from Theatre Peckham are woven into the exhibition.

Come to the opening, 17th September, 6-9pm. Come to the other events featuring poets, artists and young people including Sai Murray, Zena Edwards, Sokari Douglas Camp, David A Bailey, Caleb Femi, and young poets from Shake!  See you there.