Oil CityA spy thriller for the post-occupy era.


This new piece of site-specific immersive theatre by Platform takes you deep into the underbelly of London’s oil economy.

Around you the financial sector shimmers in high-rise office blocks. Behind closed doors deals are done and oil projects financed with few questions asked. Meanwhile vast swathes of Alberta, Canada, teeter on the brink of ecological disaster, as the struggle to stop tar sands mining of lands protected under the First Nations’ Treaty goes on.

By eavesdropping on business people and seeking out secret documents hidden in dead-drops, you will help piece together a puzzle that interweaves government files with financial deals. But whose truth counts? And what laws apply when lives are on the line but big profits are to be made?

BUY TICKETS[1] – Performances are at 9am, 1pm and 5pm daily on weekdays.

Alongside the performance, a mobile website[2] is available to explore the real story in both London and Calgary.

Watch the trailer:

Oil City is supported by Artists’ Project Earth[3].

Oil City - the maps

  1. BUY TICKETS: http://www.artsadmin.co.uk/events/3345
  2. mobile website: http://platformlondon.org/p-multimedia/oil-city-the-interactive-maps/
  3. Artists’ Project Earth: http://apeuk.org