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Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia
5 September, 12:30pm in 132 Lane Hall

The Oil Road – the machinery of our fossil fuel addiction and how to move beyond it

Talk by James Marriott, co-author of The Oil Road: Journeys from the Caspian to the City of London.

This event is free and open to the public, and is sponsored by: Department of Religion and Culture, Institute for Policy and Governance, ASPECT, and Department of Science and Technology in Society.

C’ville Coffee, Charlottesville, Virginia
10 September, 7pm

The Oil Road with author James Marriott
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In a unique journey from the oil fields of the Caspian to the refineries and financial centres of Northern Europe, Platform tracks the concealed routes along which the lifeblood of our economy is pumped. The stupendous wealth of Azerbaijani crude has long inspired dreams of a world remade. From the revolutionary Futurism of Baku in the 1920s to the unblinking Capitalism of modern London, the drive to control oil reserves – and hence people and events – has shattered environments and shaped societies.

Sponsored by Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice, Charlottesville Sierra Club, WarIsACrime.org, and Charlottesville Amnesty International.