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Radical geographer Doreen Massey – whom we hugely admire – gives a keynote speech at this event marking a new publication on her influence on theory, culture and politics. In the ‘Political Cultures’ workshop. Jane Trowell (Platform) is speaking alongside Dr Ian Shaw (Univ of Glasgow).

This is at the RGS in central London, 11 – 5pm. Tickets and info here[2]

The organisers write: Spatial Politics is a collaborative event has been organised by the Geography Departments of Durham and Glasgow, the Open University’s OpenSpace Research Centre together with the Royal Geographical Society. The event is intended to spark debate around the question of ‘Spatial Politics’ – the relationship between space and politics, broadly conceived. It has a particular focus on forging political alternatives in the current conjuncture, especially by considering translocal solidarities, opposition to austerity, emerging political cultures, and the like. The day long event is structured around plenaries and workshops, all designed to foster and further conversations about alternative futures, political spaces and spaces for politics. The event which is being timed to coincide with the publication of Spatial Politics: Essays for Doreen Massey[3] (edited by David Featherstone and Joe Painter).

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