[1]Platform, Liberate Tate and Art Not Oil present a site-specific sound artwork themed around the issue of BP sponsorship of Tate. The piece was launched on 23rd March 2012, and is available for visitors to download as a “permanent, participatory installation”.

Find out more about Tate à Tate by vistiting www.tateatate.org[2].

Tate à Tate is created by Ansuman Biswas (Tate Britain), Isa Suarez, Mae Martin and Mark McGowan (Tate Boat) and Phil England and Jim Welton (Tate Modern).




  1. [Image]: https://platformlondon.org/p-multimedia/22812/album-cover-art-3/
  2. www.tateatate.org: http://www.tateatate.org