And While London Burns is an acclaimed downloadable opera-for-one made in 2007. Part-fiction, part-fact, the story is a gripping walking tour through the heart of London’s financial district looking at London’s business impacts on climate change. Some buildings and paths have changed, but the walk and absorbing soundscape starring BAFTA-award-winning actor Douglas Hodge, still works.

Advice to tour-makers: “The operatic tour was created in the autumn of 2007, since that time, due to circumstances beyond our control, parts of ‘the set’, The City of London itself, have been altered. Buildings have been knocked down, public walkways closed, bridges removed and companies have moved office – we apologise for these changes, though we have not been the cause of them. We hope that they do not impair your listening pleasure, but we’d strongly recommend that you download the map on the site and use this, together with an ‘A to Z’, to guide you through parts of the cityscape that have altered. We also suggest that with these detective alterations, the piece will take 75 minutes to conduct rather than the original 62 minutes. We’d love to receive any feedback you have on your experience. Good luck.”

Listen via the links below, or download to take the audio guide to the location. For more details on the piece, visit www.andwhilelondonburns.com[2]

  1. [Image]: http://platformlondon.org/p-multimedia/and-while-london-burns/awlb/
  2. www.andwhilelondonburns.com: http://www.andwhilelondonburns.com