An activist, campaigner and human rights reporter, Patrick Naagbanton has a solid reputation as one of the foremost rights monitors in the region. His organisation, the Centre for Environment, Human Rights and Development (CEHRD) is a vital force in the movement for social change in the Delta.

In Episode II we hear Patrick’s personal reaction to two historic milestones; the 15th anniversary since the execution of writer and activist Ken Saro-Wiwa, and Nigeria at 50. His sober assessment is a wake-up call to local and international actors in Nigeria.

With decades of experience working in well respected groups in the Delta, Patrick is an incredibly busy person. It took me a week of missed connections before I tracked him down for this short interview. He had returned to Port Harcourt from a recent trip to Aba, where his vehicle was stopped as armed groups exchanged fire across the road. Aba has seen rising insecurity as groups of ‘militants’ from Port Harcourt have branched into surrounding towns and cities in the South East.