This is audio from a guided tour of Bush House, the ex-warehouse which is owned by Arnolfini arts centre, Bristol. Stopping the Bush Fire examined Bush House's carbon footprint in every facet, from obvious areas like the source of its electricity, to its finance, and audience journeys. It was part of a day-long conference called "Embedded" which brought people together to discuss the arts and climate change. The tour starts outside the building and then worked its way from basement to roof, passing through the two floors of small charities and NGOs who are based in the top of the building. It was researched and written by James Marriott with input from Pete Harrison. The audio was recorded by Richard Houguez. It took place in November 2009 during C Words; Carbon, Climate, Capital, Culture, a 50-day exhibition and events season that Platform curated at Arnolfini in the run-up to COP 15, the Conference of the Parties on Climate Change.

Listen here: