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22 August 2012

Dear All,

We have new findings on Shell’s security spending in the Niger Delta based on data that was leaked to us, and we’re shortly publishing a much-anticipated travel book on the Baku-Tiblisi-Ceyhan pipeline. We’re also hiring for TWO permanent positions in the office – an oil and human rights campaigner, and a coordinator for the Shake! project on young people, arts, media, race and power. You can find all the info below.

Data leak reveals Shell’s deep financial links to human rights abusers in Nigeria

Shell spent at least $383 million on security in Nigeria between 2007 and 2009, according to company data leaked to Platform. The data is analysed in our new briefing, Dirty Work: Shell’s security spending in Nigeria and beyond and covers three bloody years of conflict in the Delta between 2007 and 2009. It reveals Shell’s deep financial links to human rights abusers in the Niger Delta, including soldiers, militants and other armed groups who perpetrated human rights abuses during this period.

Our briefing was also covered in a front page story in the Guardian that you can read here and we also supplied them with an interactive data map here. You can also see Ben Amunwa from Platform giving a great interview about the findings on Al Jazeera here.

Our friends at the online action site for corporate accountability, Sum Of Us, have launched an e-action demanding that Shell stop funding armed conflict and human rights abuses in Nigeria. Please feel free to add your name to their action.

The Oil Road: Journeys from the Caspian Sea to the City of London

In a unique journey from the oil fields of the Caspian to the refineries and financial centres of Northern Europe, James Marriott and Mika Minio-Paluello track the concealed routes along which flows the lifeblood of our economy. The stupendous wealth of Azerbaijani crude has long inspired dreams of a world remade. From the revolutionary Futurism of the capital, Baku, in the 1920s to the unblinking Capitalism of modern London, the drive to control oil reserves – and hence people and events – has shattered environments and shaped societies.

The Oil Road is published in September, buy it here for a special pre-publish price of £10 – £5 cheaper than on Amazon.

This autumn Emma Hughes and James Marriott will be touring a workshop that uses #TheOilRoad to explore how the drive to control oil reserves – and hence people and events – has shattered environments and shaped societies and how we can change direction. If you can help hosting or arranging an event, please email us.

Platform is hiring

We’re looking to hire not one, but two positions. Please share this info with anyone who you think might be interested and help us find some really great people! The deadline for both sets of applicants is 6.00pm Friday the 14th September.

Coordinator for ‘Shake! Young Voices in Arts, Media, Race & Power’ Driving our three-year cultural activism programme with young people (16-25 years old) tackling social and environmental injustice from a race perspective. Shake! will develop a new generation of cultural activists. The new post will co-ordinate with a team of artist-facilitators, campaigners, young people and partner organisations, and oversee dissemination of Shake’s work to a wider public. More info here.

Oil & Human Rights Campaigner Investigating and challenging the environmental and human rights abuses carried out by oil companies in the Niger Delta. Supporting social movements and activists in Nigeria in exposing and holding those responsible to account. Challenging British military and diplomatic support for oil-driven militarisation. More info here.

How you can help?

You could share our job adverts with your but also, to help fund Platform’s work please donate here. If you can, a regular, monthly donation is especially useful as it helps us to plan our future work with confidence. If you’d like to chat about the work we do or discuss how you’d prefer your donation to be spent, we’d be happy to talk to talk to you. You can contact any of our team on +44 (0)20 7403 3738 or email Tanya Hawkes at [email protected]. Thank you for your support and taking an interest in Platform’s work- we really appreciate it.

Platform in the media

Shell spending millions of dollars on security in Nigeria, leaked data shows – Guardian 19/08/12

Shell ‘paying tens of millions to Nigerian security forces – Telegraph 19/08/12

Interviews with Ben Amunwa on Shell Security Spending – Al Jazeera 20/08/12

Nigeria took 40 pct of Shell security spend in late 2000s-NGO – Reuters 20/08/12

Shell spends $383m on security in Nigeria in two years – Ghana Business News 21/08/12

Shell spends $383m to guard personnel, facilities in Nigeria – Guardian Nigeria 21/08/12

Shell paid Nigeria millions to guard oil facilities: group – AFP 21/08/12

Buy advance copies of The Oil Road here.

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