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Following coverage in The Guardian[1] today of UNEP’s outrageous decision to “exonerate” Shell over oil spills in Nigeria, we present analysis of this controversial issue. Read on and take action[2] below.

  • Global Outrage at UN Report
    The UNEP’s report is in direct conflict with local environmentalists[3] and communities who have witnessed and monitored spills for many years. We take a look at the manipulative PR and politics behind Shell’s ‘exoneration’. Read more[4].


  • What’s Shell & UNEP Trying to Hide?
    Any child educated in Nigeria knows that oil was discovered in Oloibiri, Nigeria in 1956, and that the history of oil spills is almost as long. So why does UNEP think otherwise? Read more[5].
  • More Harm Than Good?
    There are some things the debate over oil spills in Nigeria cannot change. Shell must clean up all oil spills. But the UNEP could undermine the pressure on Shell to take action. Read more[6].
  • Take Action
    You can help hold Shell to account:  email Mike Cowing[7] , (head of the UNEP study) and cut and paste the following questions. Please personalise, share and add your own views.

    • 1. Why has the UNEP decided to echo Shell’s widely disputed analysis of the number and causes of oil spills in Ogoni?
    • 2. How does UNEP justify announcing its findings on the causes of oil spills when this is not the subject of the study?
    • 3. Why does UNEP claim that oil spills in the Niger Delta have been occurring for only 9 years?
    • 4. What guarantees can UNEP give that its study will not be subject to undue influence from either Shell or the Nigerian government, since both are funding the project?

    Thank you for your support,

    Ben & the PLATFORM team.


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We bring together artists, campaigners and researchers for projects driven by the need for social change. For over a decade, PLATFORM has been highlighting the social and environmental impact of the oil industry in key areas, including Nigeria.

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