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NEWS: Shell Faces Grilling in The Hague

Shell was called before the Dutch Parliament today toface questions[2] from lawmakers and NGOs about its operations in the Niger Delta.

Speaking after a recent visit, Dutch MP Sjoera Dikkers said:

“I’m shocked[3] at what I’ve seen in the Delta. The devastation caused by the oil spills is enormous. I’ve read about it and viewed some footage, but being there and standing in the crude oil myself made a huge impression on me. I’ve travelled a lot throughout Africa but I’ve never seen this amount of devastation.”

At the Parliamentary hearing this afternoon, Shell was be asked to explain why daily oil spills burst from its pipelines; why clean-up operations are delayed for decades; and why widespread corruption and human rights abuses flow from its activities. PLATFORM and partners across Europe[4]  support the initiative of the Dutch Parliament. Further, PLATFORM urges legislators in the UK to emulate their Dutch colleagues by enlarging scrutiny and regulation of Shell in Nigeria. Our economies are heavily invested in Shell, with most private pension funds benefiting from its profits. Our governments have a responsibility to hold Shell and other companies to account for the dire consequences of oil production on communities and the environment in the Niger Delta.

URGENT ACTION:[5] Nigerian human rights defender receives death threats

Patrick Naagbanton, a well known civil society activist at Port Harcourt-based Centre for Environment, Human Rights and Development[6] (CEHRD) has received a number of death threats since December 30, which are believed to be linked to his work as a human rights defender. Amnesty International believes his life is in danger and is also concerned for the safety of other CEHRD staff.

Click here for details and to TAKE ACTION[7]. PLEASE SEND APPEALS BEFORE 17 FEBRUARY 2011 and send copies to the diplomatic representatives[8] in your country.

Episode II: Patrick’s Podcast[9]

Patrick Naagbanton has a solid reputation as one of the foremost human rights monitors in the region and Coordinator of CEHRD, in many ways a vital organisation in the movement for social justice in the Delta.
In Episode II of PLATFORM’s series of podcasts, “Fifteen Years On”[10], we hear Patrick’s personal reaction to two historic milestones; the 15th anniversary since the execution of writer and activist Ken Saro-Wiwa, and “Nigeria at 50”. His sombre assessment is a wake-up call to local and international actors in Nigeria.

Event: Shake! Preview, Sat 26 Feb

6.30 – 10pm, The Albany, Deptford, London.

A chance to see the amazing work-in-progress of our new arts and social justice project with young people ‘Shake! Young Voices on Arts, Media Race, & Power’, piloted with the Stephen Lawrence Centre[11] in 2010. Revel in performance poetry, DJ sets, political discussion, and a premiere screening of the Voices That Shake[12] video, presented by the young people and the artists (DJ Eric Soul, Poets Zena Edwards and Simon Murray, Ana Tovey of Chocolate Films and PLATFORM). Please express your interest in attending by emailing Jane[13]. Shake now has a newsletter[14] for people engaged in the course that you can check out here[15] .

The Living Memorial: Special Update

Next week, the ground-breaking, oil-industry-busting Living Memorial to Ken Saro-Wiwa[16] will be transfer to its newest venue, the Bernie Grant Arts Centre[17] (BGAC) in Tottenham, London. The Living Memorial, created by artist Sokari Douglas Camp CBE[18] is a hand-welded, steel sculpture of a Nigerian-style bus; a symbol of collective action and a site of creative dissidence. The sculpture throws a spotlight on the impacts of oil on the Ogoni people of the Niger Delta. We are delighted to embark upon a collaboration with the BGAC throughout 2011 which will centre on the issues and stories behind the Living Memorial.

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We bring together artists, campaigners and researchers for projects driven by the need for social change. For over a decade, PLATFORM has been highlighting the social and environmental impact of the oil industry in key areas, including Nigeria.

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remember saro-wiwa in the press:

19 Jan 2011, Wall Street Journal:Oil Hearing to Cast Spotlight on West Africa[23] by Benoit Faucan and Will Connors.

18 Dec 2010, PLATFORM’s research and recordings used inDutch national radio[24]investigation into Shell’s activities in Nigeria – VPRO.

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