Pacific Environment challenge offshore drilling in USA

6 Sep 2009 admin

Pacific Environment are organising to challenge offshore drilling in the US:

On his way out of Washington, former President Bush pushed through a plan that would sell off almost all of Alaska’s Arctic waters to Big Oil and would also open California’s coastlines to drilling. This plan continues the U.S.’s unmatched contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and threatens coastal economies, vibrant fisheries, traditional Alaska Native communities, and endangered Arctic wildlife. In April, new Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar put a halt to this unbalanced plan by extending the public comment period through September. The deadline to act, however, is fast approaching and we need your voice more than ever!

Please urge Secretary Salazar and the Minerals Management Service to stop Arctic oil and gas projects, protect California’s coastlines, and uphold the new Administration’s commitments to addressing climate change, protecting the environment, and respecting the rights of indigenous cultures. If you, rein the US, send him an email by clicking here!

Pacific Environment has witnessed offshore oil and gas development destroy communities, disrupt traditional indigenous cultures, soil beaches, and kill countless numbers of birds, marine mammals, fish, and other wildlife. We have an opportunity to prevent another Exxon Valdez tragedy. Join us today in speaking out against offshore drilling along America’s coastlines and for the adoption of policies that address climate change and protect the Arctic Ocean!

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