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Want to understand the routes of corporate power? Read ‘The corporation that changed the world’

Whether it’s Google, Amazon, Starbucks using legal loopholes to avoid corporation tax; Apple’s subcontractors’ deathly abuse of workers in China; the ongoing call for justice from Bhopal over Union Carbide; Shell, BP’s activities in numerous vulnerable oil-affected communities; the bailout of RBS and Lloyds/TSB as ‘too big to fail’; or G4S taking over running sections of...

Shell Security Spending Data Mapped on Guardian Data Blog

Platform and the Guardian Data Blog have mapped Shell’s global security spending for 2008. The graphic is based on leaked internal financial data. You can find Platform’s full briefing on this issue here.  

Weapons of Mass Disruption: Fossil fuels and the Iranian nuclear crisis

Matthew Taylor and Paul Ingram, British American Security Information Council (BASIC) – This feature report was first published in Platform’s carbon web newsletter, issue 4. As the crisis between the international community and Iran escalates, the media continue to focus exclusively on Iran’s nuclear ambitions.  The nuclear issue is one part of the story. The international...