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Does Tate really need to take BP’s sponsorship money?

Mark Brown, arts correspondent, The Guardian

Tate forced to reveal BP sponsorship details after 3-year legal battle

Press release: Tate forced to reveal BP sponsorship details after 3-year legal battle Contact: Anna Galkina / [email protected] / @platformlondon Past BP sponsorship figures revealed, ranging between £150,000-£330,000 a year: around 0.5% of Tate’s budget. Minutes reveal Tate’s acknowledgement that “the reputational risk to Tate of retaining BP as a partner is significant.” Tate argued in court...

Tate/BP disclosure on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Front Row’

Interview by Samira Ahmed with Anna Galkina (Platform) and BBC arts editor Will Gompertz,  formerly of Tate Media

Tate’s BP sponsorship was £150,000 to £330,000 a year, figures show

Mark Brown, arts correspondence, The Guardian

Deadline day for Tate to disclose value of BP sponsorship

Mark Brown and Terry Macalister, The Guardian

Artwash: Big Oil and the Arts

Order Artwash for just £10 (RRP £12.99) UK postage or collect in person: Go to our shop for checkout and more options As major oil companies face continual public backlash, many have found it helpful to engage in “art washing”—donating large sums to cultural institutions to shore up their good name. But what effect does...

Sponsorship in the spotlight

Article by Anna Galkina, originally published in Arts Professional On 22 December the UK Information Tribunal ruled Tate galleries must disclose the sums of BP sponsorship through the years 1990 to 2006, as well as some details of internal decision-making on the sponsorship deal. The Independent described the ruling as “embarrassing” and a “landmark victory” for campaigners...

Shake! takes on #StatesOfViolence

This is a guest post by poet  and Shake! facilitator Zena Edwards. You can find more information about the next Shake! intensive course (16-20 February 2015) and how to apply here, and find Zena on Twitter: @ZenaEdwards Shake Youth Arts and Activism project has a new intensive course brewing. From Monday 16th February, we shall be...

#Shake2015: #StatesOfViolence – Applications open

16-25? Angry about the injustice you see around you? Come shake tings up with performance poets, film-makers, musicians & activists on a free 5 day course to creatively express frustrations & concerns about the world you live in.

Shell still avoiding oil spill justice

Article by Sarah Shoraka on Shell’s Bodo oil spill settlement in New Internationalist

Share price of BP falling – will Shell take over BP?

As the London Stock Exchange opened at 09.00 on Tuesday, 16th December, BP’s shareprice was down to 365 pence. It was the bottom of a long slide from 448 pence on the 21st November and investors in the company looked concerned that BP was failing badly. Shares in BP have lost 25% of their value...

Niger delta communities to sue Shell in London for oil spill compensation

John Vidal The Guardian