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Shell's climate marketing tricks

Shell’s climate marketing tricks

Have you seen all these new Shell ads? Billboards on high streets and tube stations celebrate Shell as a champion of climate action and “keeping-the-lights-on”. When she’s your age What’s the way to keep the lights on into 2050? Burn the rest of the world’s fossil fuels, of course. And look, she’s even got a...
A journey to 'communities of the ideal'

A journey to ‘communities of the ideal’

A while back James Marriott made a journey to two communities – each of which tries to approach an ideal. This is his reflection on the experience. The first, La R.o.n.c.e in the Morbihan region of Brittany, is being established on an abandoned farm by six activists and artist-activists, two of whom, John Jordan and...
Take the money and run?   - an event about ethics, funding and art

Take the money and run? – an event about ethics, funding and art

Thursday 29 January, 2015 Event 10am – 5pm; Drinks 5pm – 6pm £12.50, including tea/coffee, lunch and a complimentary copy of the publication Take The Money And Run? Some positions on ethics, business sponsorship and making art by Jane Trowell (Platform) *15 free places are available by application to those on low/no income. at Toynbee...
Exciting week for ending the licence to spill

Exciting week for ending the licence to spill

Why do BP and Shell need cultural institutions (Tate, British Museum, National Portrait Gallery), consumer brands (Lego, Waitrose) and universities? The simple answer is so that the rest of us think we need them. As the Tate’s lawyer explained BP’s sponsorship, if they didn’t think they were getting something out of it, they wouldn’t do...
Offshore: Iran, BP, Algeria & Boris Island

Offshore: Iran, BP, Algeria & Boris Island

“No you can’t get through down there. They’ve got a full set of anti-terrorist police. Machine guns and all. They’ll jump out at you if you go beyond that fence. Mind you, it helps keep the crime down in the village”. The tall man with white hair straggling out from under his black hat and...

Tate and oil: does the art world need to come clean about sponsorship?

Susanna Rustin, The Guardian
BP and #IndyRef - the need to constrain corporate influence in our democracy

BP and #IndyRef – the need to constrain corporate influence in our democracy

Around about 3.00 am on the morning of Friday 19th September, whilst anxiously watching the results come in on the Scottish Independence Referendum, we heard one of the commentators on STV ‘Scotland Decides’ explain his view that after months of the politicians being unable to help the voters make their decision, ‘business leaders’ had stepped...

When Art Meets Activism. As Tate faces the Information Tribunal over BP sponsorship, is there a line between art and ethics?

Interview with Kevin Smith (Platform) and Hannah Davey (Liberate Tate)

Le sponsoring culturel des géants du pétrole crée la polémique

Cultural sponsorship by oil company giants is creating debate Tristan de Bourbon, London; in Tribune de Genéve, page 11    

“Protests might intensify” over BP sponsorship

Tate has faced an Information Tribunal to defend its right to keep details of its financial relationship with the oil company a secret. Frances Richens, Arts Professional

Who funds the arts and why we should care

As the arts increasingly depend on private and corporate funding, questions arise about how closely artists and institutions should examine the sources of finance Rachel Spence, Financial Times

Pressure grows over BP arts sponsorship

Oil giant facing criticism over corporate sponsorship of cultural institutions including the Royal Opera House Terry Macalister, The Guardian