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Hague heads to Azerbaijan amidst election controversy for “mega gas deal”

On Tuesday Foreign Secretary William Hague will be one of the first European politicians to visit Azerbaijan after Ilham Aliyev’s internationally condemned re-election as President. Hague will be there to attend the ceremony for the signing of a pipeline agreement that will see two trillion cubic meters of gas pumped from Azerbaijan to Europe. Hague...

The EBRD should not finance oil drilling in Egypt

Today the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development is voting on a $50 million loan for oil drilling in Egypt. This is the first major loan by the bank in Egypt since the military takeover in July 2013. The EBRD seems eager to ignore the principles in its founding agreement promoting “initiatives in countries committed...
Fossil Free EBRD - Tweet Action!

Fossil Free EBRD – Tweet Action!

Tweet #coalfreeEBRD and tell the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to end loans for all dirty energy projects starting with coal. Today, as the United Nations climate talks are taking place in Warsaw, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is attending the International Coal and Climate Summit. This lobby event is organised by...
The showcase that “Emboldens” and shakes the “Energetic Apathy”

The showcase that “Emboldens” and shakes the “Energetic Apathy”

Since I joined Platform in July, I have seen the high-spirited Farzana passionately preparing for the “Shake! – Young Voices in Arts, Media, Race & Power course”, organising its different activities and coordinating with other facilitators (Ed, Zena and Sai) in order to make it even better than the previous sessions. The third  course  was...

UK universities urged to ditch ‘extensive’ fossil fuel link

Business Green

Fossil fuel ties with universities highlighted by report

Times Higher Education Supplement

UK universities have £5.2bn invested in the fossil fuel industry, report says

Blue and Green Tomorrow,  by Ilaria Bertini

Showcase#3: Propaganda! Perception! & Power! Tuesday 29th October

Shake! Showcase#3: Propaganda! Perception! & Power!  is the explosive showcase from the participants of the third Shake! course. Featuring freshly created poetic, filmic and musical responses to injustice, the showcase will present an original and inspiring mix of political creativity. So get on down to the Free Word Centre  in Farringdon on Tuesday 29th October,...
A Night at the Museum - the Shell sponsored Fracking Quiz

A Night at the Museum – the Shell sponsored Fracking Quiz

Last week I joined Science Unstained for a trip to the Science Museum. Science Unstained worries about the corporate sponsorship of science communication – everything from BAE’s sponsorship of the unfortunately titled Big Bang Fair – an event for young scientists and engineers – to Atos designed degree courses. When they’ve had enough of worrying...
Sounds that TEAS don't want you to hear... Repression in Azerbaijan

Sounds that TEAS don’t want you to hear… Repression in Azerbaijan

The London-based European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) is a well funded lobby group. The organisation is closely associated with the Aliyev regime and promotes the interests of this repressive government. TEAS use their wealth and connections to silence Azerbaijani voices. When they held a jazz reception at the Labour party conference Platform attended and brought with...

Platform in 50-minute live TV feature on The Oil Road, Democracy Now, 8th October 2013

From Caspian Sea to Arctic to Middle East, How Oil Pipelines Threaten Democracy & Planet’s Survival. Interview with Anna Galkina, James Marriott (of Platform), and author of ‘Carbon Democracies’ Timothy Mitchell, with anchor  Amy Goodman.    
News from Virginia - The most difficult retreat of all

News from Virginia – The most difficult retreat of all

Mika Minio-Paluello, Anna Galkina and James Marriott are travelling in North America as part of a book-tour to promote The Oil Road – Journeys from the Caspian to the City of London. You can find more info about their confirmed speaking dates in Virginia, the Bay Area, Toronto, Baltimore and Washington DC, New Orleans and...