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Corporate Power

Corporate Power

“The planet today is the battlefield of a 4th world war (the 3rd was the so-called ‘Cold War’). The aim of the belligerents is the conquest of the entire world through the market. The arsenals are financial; there are nevertheless millions of people being maimed or killed every moment… Globalisation is merely the totalitarian extension...

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  Voices that Shake! An Anthology of Creative Movements Edited by Sai Murray, Farzana Khan, Tiff Webster, Rose Ziaei (2021) A 320-page, full colour book by youth-led programme Voices that Shake!. It showcases young people’s creative writing, original artwork, photographs and essays, marking 10 ground-breaking years of work against social injustice. Also includes pieces by...

Oil spill exposes Shell’s ticking timebomb

The Gannet Alpha spill in the North Sea is a stark reminder of the dangers of ageing rigs and oil company PR

Remember Saro-Wiwa Newsletter – August 2011

remember saro-wiwa SPECIAL UPDATE: SHELL OIL SPILLS IN OGONI Dear RSW supporters, In the last 48 hours, oil giant Shell’s appalling record of pollution in the Ogoni region of the Niger Delta has come under intense scrutiny. Below are some of the key stories, links and videos on this urgent issue. Please share them widely...

Shell has admitted liability but has a long way to go to make amends

This article first appeared in The Guardian, Comment is Free on 4 August 2011. by Patrick Naagbanton, as told to Ben Amunwa Oil spills destroyed my village in Nigeria and decades of environmental and social injustice are still to be addressed Shell’s admission of liability for two massive oil spills in 2008-09 in my village of...

The FCO’s Human Rights Work 2010-11

Evidence submitted to the Parliamentary the Foreign Affairs Committee. The Committee's inquiry posed the question of whether the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's mandate in prioritising British business interests contradicted its human rights mandate.
Death knell or crying wolf?

Death knell or crying wolf?

This briefing by Platform and Greenpeace examines George Osborne's changes to North Sea tax, and how the oil industry might not have it as bad as they are making it out to be. It then considers ways in which the Chancellor may respond to the industry’s campaign against the changes.
Dirty Money – Corporate greenwash and RBS coal finance

Dirty Money – Corporate greenwash and RBS coal finance

All over the world, diverse groups from community activists to schoolchildren, small businesses to faith-based networks, are starting to take action on climate change. Big business is following suit, but often with tactics that bring their integrity into question. Climate change is being used as to create a new kind of brand identity, without any...
Off The Deep End - Foreign Policy and the dash for offshore oil and gas

Off The Deep End – Foreign Policy and the dash for offshore oil and gas

This Platform report provides in-depth analysis of these trends and alerts policy makers to the environmental and safety concerns around present and planned offshore drilling in the UK North Sea and the Falkland Islands. It exposes significant capacity shortfalls in government inspection agencies and highlights key areas where better regulatory oversight is urgently required to...

Follow the Money

  Follow the Money – RBS article in Foto8 Magazine   (This article first appeared in the current, oil-themed issue of Foto8 magazine – ) Despite the fact that there is not a single drop of crude to be found underneath the streets of London, the city acts as one the international capitals of the oil...
No Condition is Permanent, 19 Poets on Climate Justice and Change

No Condition is Permanent, 19 Poets on Climate Justice and Change

No Condition is Permanent features writing and poetry specially selected and written for PLATFORM’s season C Words: Carbon, Climate, Capital, Culture, which took place at Arnolfini, Bristol, October and November 2009. It takes its title from the packed night of performance and music which took place on November 7th in Arnolfini’s main gallery. C Words was a...

Transforming RBS into “Green Investment Bank” could create 50,000 green jobs

Transforming the Royal Bank of Scotland into the Green Investment Bank would kick start the green energy revolution.  The research, by former PricewaterhouseCoopers consultant, James Leaton, finds that it would bring 50, 000 new green jobs a year, increase efficiency, reduce the UK’s carbon emissions and improve international competitiveness – whilst not increasing the budget...