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New opinion poll: 2/3 of Londoners ration their heating; 3/4 want mayor who cuts bills

New opinion poll reveals Londoners’ anger over high energy bills 2/3 of Londoners rationed their heating due to high bills 3/4 of Londoners want a Mayor who will lower bills New polling conducted by Switched on London reveals that 87% of Londoners feel they are paying too much for their energy and there is cross-party...
A manifesto for Energy beyond Neoliberalism

A manifesto for Energy beyond Neoliberalism

We’ve written a manifesto titled Energy beyond Neoliberalism: “This is a call for energy democracy. Not energy security or energy separation. A survivable and just energy future means breaking the grip of elite interests on our energy systems, ending dependency, increasing autonomy, building diverse power structures through which we can hold one another to account,...
Of Land & Power - energy before and after neoliberalism

Of Land & Power – energy before and after neoliberalism

  The mass of Ben Lui rises up. So much higher than all those ridges around it. We can make out our planned line of ascent up Alt Coire Ghaothaich, the mare’s tail of white water plunging down the mountainside. We cross Alt an Rund and begin the climb from 1,150 feet to the summit...