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Hosted by Platform, Voices that Shake! uses a model of personal transformation and structural change to challenge established imbalanced power bases and re-imagine new infrastructures in opposition to capitalism and colonialism.

Shake! builds holistic decolonial educational programmes and creative campaigns to foster a catalytic and self-determined community of creative organisers and leaders embedded in and led by the grassroots. Together we work towards and cultivate transformative justice, systemic change and community accountability.

Shake! works collectively to centre the leadership and solutions of the marginalised, to uplift and politicise the role that young people of the global majority have, to prefigure the world we would like to live in: diverse, just, sustainable, community-led and resilient.

Anthology of Creative Movements

Shake! has produced an Anthology of Creative Movements, a full-colour 320-page book of young people’s creative writing, original artwork, photographs and essays; also pieces by artists, facilitators and elders involved in Shake!

Shake! the System: A decade of shaping change, 2019-2020

This report aims to document, analyse and share the approaches, methods and practices developed by Shake!’s facilitators and participants throughout the years. The knowledge and practice generated have had transformative impacts and we know that it can multiply and spread, nurturing the movements of now, and movements to come.

Shake! was initiated by Platform in 2010. The pilot programme was conceived by Ben Amunwa, with Jane Trowell from Platform, poet-facilitators Zena Edwards and Sai Murray (Liquorice Fish), DJ Kirenga Kirengera Eric Soul (AFROGROOV)Ana Tovey (Chocolate Films) and educator Ed Lewis. For the pilot, we collaborated with partner-venue the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, London. Thank you also to Kadija Sesay of African Writers Abroad for advice and support. Platform supports Shake's director/coordinator role; provides financial, fundraising, comms and advisory servicesm office space and resources as needed. 


Voices that SHAKE!
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