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Shell spending millions of dollars on security in Nigeria, leaked data shows

The Guardian – August 19, 2012

Shell ‘paying tens of millions to Nigerian security forces’

The Telegraph – August 19, 2012
Oil company mega-profits and the dwindling public purse

Oil company mega-profits and the dwindling public purse

Yesterday, The Observer ran a story about George Osborne promising to crack down on multinationals avoiding tax in some of the world’s poorest countries. Anger over corporate tax avoidance at a time of massive cuts 
to public spending has placed the issue on the political agenda, especially since widespread popular protest sparked by UK Uncut. The money...
Want to understand the routes of corporate power? Read 'The corporation that changed the world'

Want to understand the routes of corporate power? Read ‘The corporation that changed the world’

Whether it’s Google, Amazon, Starbucks using legal loopholes to avoid corporation tax; Apple’s subcontractors’ deathly abuse of workers in China; the ongoing call for justice from Bhopal over Union Carbide; Shell, BP’s activities in numerous vulnerable oil-affected communities; the bailout of RBS and Lloyds/TSB as ‘too big to fail’; or G4S taking over running sections of...
'No more money for arms deals' - but what about fossil fuels?

‘No more money for arms deals’ – but what about fossil fuels?

Last week, a cross-party inquiry called for Parliament to review the use of public money to support arms exports. The all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on international corporate responsibility said Parliament should debate introducing a ‘prohibition list’ of projects that the Government refuses to underwrite. They suggested arms sales should be at the top of it....
Hobbling the 'dash for gas' - the West Burton occupation

Hobbling the ‘dash for gas’ – the West Burton occupation

A big, bombastic huzzah for the 20 climate activists that infiltrated and occupied West Burton Power Station this morning. This is the first of a new generation of some 20 gas fired plants that the government are planning on building, and represents a ‘line in the sand’ of climate change and energy policy much in...
A secret military subsidy - pirates and oil corps

A secret military subsidy – pirates and oil corps

New Internationalist featured a blog from Platform on our new briefing A Secret Subsidy: Oil companies, the Navy and the response to piracy. Here’s what we wrote: This week the Combating Piracy Conference has been taking place in London, behind closed doors. This industry-organised event brings together representatives from European Union, NATO and oil and...

Revealed: Vince Cable, ‘Minister for Shell’

Documents obtained by Corporate Watch show that Vince Cable has been acting as “Contact Minister for Shell”. In a letter to Vince Cable, dated 19 March 2012, Malcolm Brinded, (who, at the time of writing, was Chief Executive of Shell Upstream International) thanks Vince Cable for attending a Shell strategy presentation; adding that he hopes...
An ill wind blows

An ill wind blows

We know there is a vocal minority of anti-wind campaigners out there, who still cannot see the irony in their statements that wind turbines will destroy their local environment, even in the face of serious flooding across the UK being the latest in a series of ‘funny weathers’ that have gripped the globe this year...
Show us the money - will Dodd Frank force oil companies to reveal payments

Show us the money – will Dodd Frank force oil companies to reveal payments

Last Wednesday oil and gas lobbyists had a very bad day in the office when new US laws were introduced requiring the extractives sector to publish the payments they make to host governments. Industry groups had been aggressively lobbying to water down the regulations and succeeded in delaying their introduction by 16 months. But last...
Oil money and the Academy

Oil money and the Academy

A guest blog post by Dr Alice Bell, an academic and writer interested in relationships between science and the public. She blogs at and you can follow her on Twitter @AliceBell BP is to invest £64 million to set up an International Centre for Advanced Materials (BP-ICAM) based at the University of Manchester. It...

Dutch politicians investigate Shell on Nigeria allegations

Business Day – August 23, 2012