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The Sakhalin II PSA – a Production ‘Non-Sharing’ Agreement

The Sakhalin II PSA – a Production ‘Non-Sharing’ Agreement

Platform's report reveals that revenue distribution for Sakhalin II between the Russian government and Shell's consortium (SEIC) is set at a grossly unfair level. The contract terms, defined in a 1994 Production Sharing Agreement (PSA), place the Russian state at a significant disadvantage.

Oil and war in Iraq

By Greg Muttitt, PLATFORM Presentation at European Social Forum, October 2004 Shortly after the invasion of Iraq, development of Iraq’s oil industry was divided into two elements. The first was to repair and rebuild the existing infrastructure, to repair damage caused by the invasion, looting and sabotage, the second being to design a long-term future...

Britain: 90 years as a Petro State

By Greg Muttitt and James Marriott In the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, the same phrase was uttered to the British government by both of the UK’s two major oil corporations. BP and Shell both said that there should be a “level playing field” in the awarding of oil contracts after the removal of...