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Nigerian Government and Shell continue to ignore horrendous pollution in Niger Delta

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL; CENTRE FOR ENVIRONMENT, HUMAN RIGHTS AND DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENTAL RIGHTS ACTION; FRIENDS OF THE EARTH EUROPE; PLATFORM Abuja/Amsterdam/Brussels/London, August 4, 2014 – The systemic failure of the Nigerian government and oil giant Shell to clean up the horrendous oil pollution in the Niger Delta has been branded “shameful” by a group of Nigerian and...
BP using crackdown to steamroll unpopular project in Egypt

BP using crackdown to steamroll unpopular project in Egypt

BP is back in Cairo. The multinational never quite left, but intense community opposition put its flagship North Alexandra project on hold during the last three years. With former military leader Abdel Fattah El-Sisi firmly installed in the President’s chair, now BP has seen an opportunity to restart drilling and construction.  CEO Bob Dudley was...
Interviews about the Living Memorial to Ken Saro-Wiwa

Interviews about the Living Memorial to Ken Saro-Wiwa

At an event on 22 May – the 20th anniversary of Ken Saro-Wiwa’s arrest we showed this video. There are interviews with: sculptor Sokari Douglas Camp talking about the living memorial and Celestine AkpoBari from Social Action in the Niger Delta, talking about the bus returning to Ogoniland.
Shell in the High Court today

Shell in the High Court today

Lazarus Tamana Coordinator of MOSOP Europe writes from court today. Today is the preliminary judgement in the case brought by the people of Bodo in Ogoni by legal firm Leigh Day & Co against Shell. The judgement will form the legal issues that will be part of the trial expected to take place at the High Court in London in...

Shell chief to visit Nigeria in effort to clean up oil spills

Terry Macalister, The Guardian

UNEP report: a vote against Shell

Ishaya Ibrahim, The Niche, Lagos

Stop playing games with Ogoni people, activists tell Shell

Ben Ezeamalu, Premium Times, Nigeria
Shell's 'polluted promises' in Nigeria means it's time for #ActionSaroWiwa

Shell’s ‘polluted promises’ in Nigeria means it’s time for #ActionSaroWiwa

This week sees the publication of our latest briefing Polluted Promises, How Shell failed to clean up in Ogoniland, based on research done on the ground in the Niger Delta in October 2013 by our campaigner Sarah Shoraka, with allies from the Delta. The new report and research was covered in the Daily Mail yesterday....
Polluted Promises: how Shell failed to clean up Ogoniland

Polluted Promises: how Shell failed to clean up Ogoniland

Download the report or browse online below. Shell is responsible for a toxic legacy in the Niger Delta. People are dying, sick, can’t feed themselves and have no clean water because Shell destroyed their environment by drilling for oil. UNEP researched the destruction, publishing a report in 2011. The report concluded that Shell had not...

‘Cleaned’ Nigerian sites still blighted by oil

Rob Davies, Daily Mail
20 year's since Ken Saro Wiwa's arrest - 20 years of Shell's inaction

20 year’s since Ken Saro Wiwa’s arrest – 20 years of Shell’s inaction

Twenty years ago today, Ken Saro-Wiwa was arrested for the final time. Eighteen months later he and eight others were dead; hanged by the Nigerian military government on trumped up charges, for campaigning against Shell’s destruction of their home. Today is also Shell’s London AGM – a chance to foreground the voices of those still...