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From the Niger Delta to the City of London: taking the fight to Shell

From the Niger Delta to the City of London: taking the fight to Shell

There are moments sometimes when you are suddenly struck by the realisation that this is what life is about. I am not talking about being in the green fields at Glastonbury after a rather potent chai tea. I am talking about the feeling of a tiny, temporary re-balancing of the injustice of the universe –...
Groups oppose European Bank's plan to fund oil drilling in Egypt

Groups oppose European Bank’s plan to fund oil drilling in Egypt

Cairo/ Brussels May 27, 2013 On Wednesday 29 May, the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) will vote on whether to make a $40 million loan to Kuwait Energy to drill and extract oil in Egypt. Egyptian and international organisations are pushing the board of the public multilateral bank to reject the loan –...

Shell CEO to be presented with ‘retirement present’ by Niger Delta activist at shareholder meeting

What: Photo opportunity – At the Shell Shareholder presentation, in London an oil activist from Niger Delta and watchdog group to present retiring Shell CEO with “polluted water” champagne bottle as a present When: 9.30am Thursday 23 May 2013 Where: The Mermaid Conference & Events Centre, Puddle Dock, Blackfriars, London, EC4V 3DB On Thursday morning...
"Gaz de schiste - c'est fasciste!" - Don't Frack Algeria

“Gaz de schiste – c’est fasciste!” – Don’t Frack Algeria

On Monday Algerian activists in London protested against fracking plans, as Minister of Energy and Mines Youcef Yousfi was presenting to the Algeria British Business Council. The chants of “Gaz de schiste! C’est fasciste!” and “No Fracking Way!” could be heard clearly inside the hall, provoking giggling. As the Minister paused, the refrain of “Youcef...
Tullow Oil's Sunderland AFC sponsorship ends amid controversy

Tullow Oil’s Sunderland AFC sponsorship ends amid controversy

Last year we raised some concerns about a new sponsorship deal between Tullow Oil and Sunderland football club, aka Sunderland AFC. Only it wasn’t actually Tullow that was doing the sponsoring, it was a strange body called Invest In Africa, that was all about promoting Africa (homogenous and undifferentiated continent that it is) as a...
Rewriting the future: Achebe, literature, and activism

Rewriting the future: Achebe, literature, and activism

  Nigerian write Chinua Achebe died last Thursday at the age of 83. He is a key figure in world literature and a writer who along with others utterly changed the way cultures pre- and post-imperialism – and pre-missionary – imagined representing themselves. In so doing, he bolstered the challenge to western and white supremacist...
التكالب على بترول مصر

التكالب على بترول مصر

فى مقر نادى مرتفعات القطامية، وسط المروج الخُضر المشذبة وملعب الجولف، ناقش مديرون تنفيذيون من جنسيات مختلفة، جنبا إلى جنب مع مسئولين حكوميين اتفاقيات من شأنها تحديد مآل مليارات الدولارات؛ هل تستقر فى خزائن خاصة أم تذهب للخزانة العامة. تغييرات بسيطة فى عقد واحد قد تؤدى إلى إحداث فارق يزيد على الخمسة مليارات من الدولارات،...

Report: Shell gushed cash on Nigeria security

Al Jazeera – August 20, 2012

Nigeria took 40 pct of Shell security spend in late 2000s-NGO

Reuters – August 20, 2012

Shell paid Nigeria millions to guard oil facilities

AFP –  August 20, 2012

Shell spending millions of dollars on security in Nigeria, leaked data shows

The Guardian – August 19, 2012

Shell ‘paying tens of millions to Nigerian security forces’

The Telegraph – August 19, 2012