Remember Saro-Wiwa? Shell would rather you didn’t

Article 22 May 2009 admin

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On November 10th 1995, the writer and activist Ken Saro-Wiwa was hanged by the Nigerian government. He was executed, alongside eight of his colleagues from the Ogoni people, for campaigning against the environmental devastation of the Niger Delta by Shell and other oil companies. The central abuse which Ken fought to end was the poisoning of local communities with the harmful toxins created from gas flaring, (the burning of gas released by oil extraction). A violation Shell has been committing in this region for 50 years, and which they still persist with 24 hours a day, despite worldwide condemnation.

Before he was hanged, Ken predicted that one day Shell would have  to answer for “the ecological war the company has waged in the Delta”. Now, on May 27th 2009, Shell is due to stand trial in New York, charged with complicity in the killing of Ken Saro-Wiwa. They also face charges on other human rights abuses, including complicity in summary exectution, crimes against humanity and torture. Justice, it seems, will not be buried.

Help continue the struggle for which Ken and the Ogoini Eight gave their lives.

Visit to join our campaign to end gas flaring in Nigeria.


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