Not if but when: Culture Beyond Oil

30 Nov 2011 admin

At a time of growing unease within and without the cultural sector about the involvement of oil companies with the nation’s most high profile galleries, Not if but when – Culture Beyond Oil brings together responses of artists and activists to the debate in a unique collaboration between artists, activists, researchers, theorists and critics.

Download the publication (pdf) or read online below.

The full-colour publication has 100 pages of art and commentary including:

The publication asks not if but when will oil sponsorship of the arts will end as the deadly damage to societies and ecosystems through the industry becomes ever more widespread (much as the tobacco companies once supported by cultural institutions were realised to be wrong). It challenges us to have the collective courage to free our cultural institutions from oil companies and create culture beyond oil, where art is put back into the service of life.

Each limited edition copy features a unique artwork by Ruppe Koselleck made with crude oil collected from the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe.

You can also browse an online version of the publication below.



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