Degrees of Capture – Universities, the Oil Industry and Climate Change

18 Feb 2003 admin

This report examines the relationship between the oil and gas industry and the UK higher education sector, and assesses this in the context of climate change. It asks if some parts of the higher education sector have been ‘captured’by the industry. The report looks in detail at how much influence oil and gas companies have over R&D priorities, and to what extent public money is supporting both the extraction of fossil fuels and the profits of carbon-intensive corporations.

Universities could play an important role in leading the debate about energy economics and developing sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels. Yet universities are engaged in research and technology development which is used by the oil and gas industry, and are the recruiting and training grounds for its future managers. After detailing the ways in which the research and teaching agendas are influenced by oil companies, the report makes a series of recommendations to put universities onto a more sustainable path.

Download the report here (pdf) or browse the online version below.



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